Children’s Book Review – Pablo the Storytelling Bear

Pablo the Storytelling Bear

By Penny Luker

(Available as an eBook from Amazon and in paperback from Lulu)

14 December 2017 … Verified Purchase

pennyLuker2Having already read a couple of Penny Luker’s previous books it was no surprise to find this latest offering too had its own touch of friendly magic about it. When a little boy gets a different birthday present from the one he wanted his disappointment is short-lived when he discovers that his present is a magical storytelling talking teddy bear. The book is divided into seven bite-sized chapters which although flowing quite seamlessly from one to the next, each tells a different story thus making them perfect for the classic five minute bedtime story for younger children, saving the next one for another night, though slightly older children, say seven up to ten or eleven might well want to read them all in one go. Running through the stories there are little snippets of advice for children relating to being kind and thinking of others that I suspect are more likely to be taken on-board coming from a talking teddy bear than if they came from an adult. There’s also a gentle exploration of wider issues that slightly older children may pick up on and ask questions about such as a subtle reference to climate change and how it’s affecting the polar bears.

If I had but one minor criticism it’s that with a children’s book I would have preferred a physical copy available on Amazon rather than the Kindle edition, especially when it’s for a child under seven but apart from that this was a lovely book to read with my grandson and I’m pleased to say most of the author’s other children’s books are indeed available in print formats. Since reviewing this book I have learned a print format is available from Lulu and that the author hopes to make it available in the same print format on Amazon in the near future.

Overall I would say Penny Luker has set just the right tone in style and vocabulary for a younger readership in producing a book that entertains them in a safe and gentle manner while at the same time adding just enough detail and subtle wider references that will intrigue children who are ready to start reading independently and old enough to pick up those subtleties that pre-school little ones will happily be oblivious to. Highly recommended!


About the Author

pennyLuker7Penny Luker used to spend her time working as a teacher and Head Teacher and then as an Associate Lecturer with the Open University. She now spends her time writing stories and poems. She has been writing for the last few years and loves reading and writing poetry and also enjoy playing the piano and ukulele and painting in watercolour.

Penny also works as a volunteer for the e-zine All Things Girl as a contributor and was the Writings’ Editor for five years but now wants to concentrate on her own writing for a while. ATG is a showcase for women’s writing and has four themes a year. Check it out:

She is currently in the middle of writing two novels. One is a fantasy novel, the sequel to The Truth Finder and the other is a whodunnit, and has for awhile been collecting new stories for a fourth book of short stories, but is debating whether to change this to a book of ghost stories.

Penny is also a keen member of the Winsford Writers, a local writing group. They welcome new members so, in Penny’s own words, ‘if you live in the area do get in touch. It’s challenging and great fun.’

Penny Luker is also a regular and valued contributor to the IASD fb group and its associated web/blog site at www.indieauthorsupportanddiscussion


Penny Luker on


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About RuddersWriting

Middle-aged man, aspiring writer, book blogger/reviewer, and author, one grown-up son and young grandson, now retired, actively working to develop a writing career.

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  1. Thank you Paul. 😀


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