Children’s Book Review – The Mouse Who Howled At The Moon

sarahHindmarshSarah Hindmarsh is another author I discovered via one of my Fb author groups, as well as knowing her from the world of blogging and by reputation among the Indie Author community. This is the first book of Sarah’s I’ve read and reviewed, mainly due to it being a children’s book, and my reading of such books is dependent on the presence of my young grandson. I might add that he also plays a large part in the eventual review, again depending very much on his reactions and how much he enjoyed it.

Having now read “The Mouse Who Howled at the Moon,” it comes as no surprise to me that this was shortlisted for the SpaSpa Independent Book Awards 2014. Her short stories have also started to achieve recognition with the first of her successful pieces being published in the Loughborough University Press literary journal The Purple Breakfast Review in July 2015. Further publications are imminent.

As well as being an author, Sarah Hindmarsh is also a blogger and book reviewer herself, details of which can be found below.

Further links to Sarah’s writing can be found at:


Sarah’s blog:



The Mouse Who Howled At The Moon 

By Sarah Hindmarsh

(Available from Amazon in both eBook & paperback format)


Sarah1This is a charming and delightful short story for young children, filled with lots of wonderful sounding animal characters – Harvey the grasshopper mouse, Felix the Owl, and a wise old squirrel. The language is simple and appropriate to the younger reader, and easily improvised if needs be if being read by a parent or grandparent.

As well as engaging entertainment value, the author has also managed to weave into the story several educational and social themes but without detracting from the enjoyment value. Being a short story it’s difficult to say too much without giving too much away. What I can say is that it centres on being different and the problems that can bring, while at the same time showing the reader there’s nothing wrong with being different, and that we all have something special about us. I would imagine many a young child will secretly find some reassurance in the underlying morality of this tale, subtly dealing as it does with issues such as bullying, feeling different from your friends, being brave even when you’re just a little bit scared, and caring for your friends, but again, always in a gentle and nice way. Another thing I enjoyed about this book is that it inevitably arouses the curiosity of the young reader or listener, prompting questions about the animal characters, questions which I’m happy to say are answered and elaborated on at the end of the book – although this is a story, a lot of it is based on real animal behaviour so even I at my advanced grandad time of life learnt something new when I read this with my five year old grandson.

My grandson’s verdict – he loved all the different animals and what they got up to, and was full of smiles and grins at the beautifully drawn illustrations that accompany the story.


 Further titles by Sarah Hindmarsh: click on thumbnails for Amazon links

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