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Tom Benson’s latest book, and being a huge short story fan, one I had been looking forward to. Regular readers of my blog will already know that I’ve read and reviewed several of Tom’s previous works. Just to reiterate though, Tom Benson is a prolific writer and author of two previous novels and five poetry anthologies. As well as being a very talented writer and author, he is also one of the most helpful bloggers you could ever hope to meet as even a cursory glance at his blog will amply demonstrate.

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Smoke & Mirrors: and other stories, by Tom Benson

(Available in eBook format from Amazon)


smoke and mirrorsThoroughly enjoyed this twelve story novella length anthology. There is a great variety of stories in that the reader never feels that sense of repetitiveness that can be quite common in many short story anthologies, with stories here ranging from the classic honey trap, revenge and retribution, tasteful erotica, to that of survival and just a touch of sentimentality. Having said that, there is a running theme of what I would call ‘rough justice’, of evil people getting their just desserts, and things turning out well for the good guys.

Some of the stories conclude with the popular ‘twist in the tale’, and indeed, the twists here are real good ones, whilst others simply end with a satisfying conclusion that really enhances the reader’s enjoyment.

One of the things I most liked about this collection is that the author clearly knows what he’s writing about with regard to military detail in some of the stories, and had clearly done his homework in others, thus giving each story a real sense of authenticity; since these are proper short stories rather than what I would call elongated flash fiction, the author manages not only good story lines, but also strong and well developed characters that complement the action perfectly.

All in all, a great collection of short stories that readers who like their stories well written, authentic, and with a fair bit of grit and impact to them, will enjoy immensely… FREE on Kindle today (25/05/2014)


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  1. I’ve read the first if these short stories. Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the rest..

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  2. Missed that free copy. I’ll buy one, though. And, Paul, it’d better be good, because this review is persuasive.

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  3. Another really good review – will definitely have a look at Tom’s stories.

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  4. I got it :). Plan to give a copy away for my monthly Indie author support feature.

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  5. Thank you Paul for such a positive and comprehensive review. It gladdens my heart to see such a write-up after the many days and weeks it took to produce those stories – and then improve them for the book.
    I’ve forced myself to avoid my blog this week so that I could complete my most recent draft of ‘Amsterdam Calling’. I’m pleased with my recent changes. I’ve now printed the manuscript and I’ll work through it for a week before I edit again. I’m still on course for a mid-June publication date.
    I’ll get back and have another look around this week, and thank you sincerely once again.

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  6. Downloaded it!

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  7. Thanks! I got my copy today!

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